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What is an EgoBook ?

EgoBook, the first Facebook Book !

Do you like Facebook so much that you want all your favorite status updates, pictures, messages from friends and comments with you forever?

What if you could have a book with all the memories of your facebook wall ?

The concept is simple but until now nobody has done it before the company Printomatics !

Facebook is a memory of our lives

Facebook is one of the world’s most popular websites. Users post on average 90 items per month (source: Facebook website), telling the story of their everyday life. All this information is staying on Facebook’s servers, unused…

With EgoBook your archived life is getting back into reality as a beautiful color book that you can read at your leisure. More than a simple personalized book, EgoBook faithfully keep the memories of your life, so that you can have them with you forever.


EgoBook prints items posted on a wall

The EgoBook prints information from a Facebook user wall: the status updates, wall messages, wall pictures, profile pictures, pictures you were tagged in, links, and all the comments from a Facebook profile.

The cover can be personalized, it is printed with a mosaic of friends, and you can edit the title, subtitle and the cover picture.

At the end of the book, a Top 20 of the best commenter of the book !

Fun feature : For every user pictures (for the post and comments), the corresponding profile picture is used for the time of the post ! You can see what faces you and your friends had back in time !

A perfect gift for every occasions

You can create the EgoBook of a friend, if you want to make an unique gift. Just select the friend you want as the subject of the book. You can also add several friends in a book, if you want to mix their user profiles.

Also, EgoBooks from Facebook Groups and Fan Pages can be created. Perfect for brands, fans, associations, companies, any social activities…

And it works ! Thousands of people have already ordered their EgoBook since the opening of the shop. One of the main satisfaction point is the fast delivery : EgoBooks are printed in the US and Europe, depending on the delivery address.

More information on our website : or go directly to our shop :

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