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EgoBook now exists in a brand new Large Format (21x27cm), with a rigid cover (hardcover) :

The pictures are printed in a larger size !

The EgoBook prints information from a Facebook user wall: the status updates, wall messages, wall pictures, profile pictures, pictures you were tagged in, links, and all the comments from a Facebook profile.

The cover can be personalized, it is printed with a mosaic of friends, and you can edit the title, subtitle and the cover picture.

At the end of the book, a Top 20 of the best commenter of the book !

Large format hardcover

  • .63 x 10.25 inches (21x27cm), hardcover full-color cover, full-color interior.
  • Prices depending on the number of pages:
    • 30 pages : $34.50
    • 100 pages : $52.00
    • Up to 650 pages (maximum) !
Go get a specific quote for price and delivery at our website :
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